First days


We have welcomed all the participans of IGSM 2013 in Wrocław. After the opening ceremony participans took part in interesting lectures.In the evening there was an international evening party. On monday we went sightseeing in Wrocław and we were trying to discover as big as possible amount of Wrocław's dwarves. By the end of that we took a photo together.



Welcome to XXVI IGSM Wroclaw 2013

Geodesy and Cartography students of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences have unique opportunity to host this year’s  IGSM. This is the second time, after  seven years, that IGSM takes place in Poland. Thus our University has an opportunity to present its achievements in the fields of geodesy and geoinformatics, as well as to show our attendants the beauty of Wrocław and Lower Silesian Voivodeship. We hope that attractions provided by us will encourage our participants to come back to our city. It is also a great opportunity to promote both polish culture and science as well as to build positive image of our region and country in young and educated people’s eyes.

We are honoured to invite you to attend the XXVI International Geodetic Student Meeting (IGSM) in Wroclaw, Poland,
which is being held between 18th and 24th May 2013.

IGSM is annual meeting of International Geodetic Student Organization (IGSO), which aims to establish and enhance cooperation between students of geodesy, cartography and geoinformatics from all over the world. This meeting is not only a chance to exchange latest technologies and experiences in field of geodesy, but also unique possibility to meet other cultures. By tradition, each year, the meeting takes place in other country. Because of such events, student gain new capabilities, together with future benefits, both professional and in interpersonal relationships.


About the IGSO

IGSO is an International Geodetic Student Organization. Its aim is to unite geodesy students from all over the world. At present, 80 universities and schools from 28 countries belong to IGSO.


More information on the IGSO can be found on the official IGSO website.


IGSM 2012

Last year's IGSM was held in Jaén, Spain from 22nd to 28th April 2012. Visit the official IGSM 2012 website for more information!


IGSM 2014

IGSM 2014 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.


IGSM 2015

If you are interested in organizing an IGSM 2015, feel free to write on our e-mail.